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Visionary Bundle

Visionary Bundle

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The HackerBox Visionary Bundle is an excellent starting point for exploring DIY electronics.  The Visionary Bundle features an Introductory Tool Set, the Best of Visions HackerBox, HackerBox 0046, and a random selection of 20+ hacker stickers:

  • Introductory Tool Set
    • 80W Soldering Iron with LCD Adjust
    • Soldering Iron Stand
    • Brass Wool Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner
    • Tube of 1mm Solder
    • DT182 Digital Multimeter with Leads
    • 23A 12V Battery Cell for Multimeter
    • 400 Point Solderless Breadboard
    • Set of 65 Male Jumper Wires
    • MicroUSB Cable
    • Two Tactile Momentary Buttons
    • Two Green 10mm LEDs
    • Four 1K Resistors
    • 10K Trimmer Potentiometer
    • Passive Piezo Buzzer
  • Best of Visions
  • HackerBox 0046 - Persistence
  • Exclusive Hacker Sticker Pack

Detailed information on items in the Introductory Tool Set can be found in the Starter Workshop Guide.  The Arduino UNO from HackerBox 0046 may be used along with the Introductory Tool Set to explore many experiments in the online Introduction to Arduino book.