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HackerBox #0099 - Neunundneunzig

HackerBox #0099 - Neunundneunzig

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We are so thrilled to present the 100th HackerBox!

Discover the ESP32-2432S028R development board (popularly known as the CYD). Configure software tools for the CYD and assemble a laser-cut acrylic enclosure. Interface a Wii Nunchuck controller to the CYD's I2C bus. Use the Wii Nunchuck to play Tetris and other games. Place JPEG compressed images onto a MicroSD card using a USB interface module in your PC. Present a slide show on the integrated display of the CYD by decompressing and displaying JPEG image files. Leverage a MicroSD sniffer module to access additional I/O pins from the ESP32 microcontroller.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0099 Collectable Reference Card
  • ESP32-2432S028R Development Board
    • ESP-WROOM-32 Dual Core MCU
    • 240MHz Clock and 4MB Flash
    • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Wireless
    • Full Color 2.8 inch Display
    • Touchscreen with Stylus
    • Four Pin JST-DuPont Cable
  • Acrylic Enclosure Kit for Development Board
  • Black Wii Nunchuck Game Controller
  • Breakout Module for Wii Nunchuck
  • 16GB Micro SD Memory Card
  • Micro SD Sniffer Module
  • Micro SD USB Interface Module
  • Exclusive HackerBox 0099 Challenge Coin
  • Pirate Bay Parody Sticker
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