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HackerBox #0094 - Port Authority

HackerBox #0094 - Port Authority

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Explore the VGA32 Single Board Computer. Configure the Arduino IDE for programming the VGA32. Interface video displays, keyboards, and mice to create retro computing emulation platforms and various graphic user interfaces. Experiment with the FabGL ESP32 Arduino Graphics Library. Interface the MAX3232 RS232-to-TTL serial module to implement a VT100 compatible ANSI display terminal. Output video to a modern television or computer monitor from the VGA32 using a VGA-to-HDMI video conversion kit. Sample positioning input from an analog joystick module. Explore OpenGL - the cross-platform API for rendering 2D and 3D vector graphics.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0094 Collectable Reference Card
  • VGA32 Single Board Computer
  • VGA-to-HDMI Video Conversion Kit
  • Analog Joystick Module
  • MAX3232 Serial RS232-to-TTL Module
  • USB-to-PS2 Keyboard Adapter
  • Female-to-Female Dupont Jumpers
  • 2x4 Pin Dual-Row Male Header
  • Exclusive Hacklife Glider Pin
  • Exclusive Port Authority Sticker
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