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HackerBox #0086 - LoFi

HackerBox #0086 - LoFi

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Explore many things LoFi. Configure and program the Arduino Nano microcontroller module. Assemble and tune an AM/FM Radio Receiver Kit. Build an Arduino-based Chromatic Theremin - an electronic musical instrument that you can play without touching. Experiment with Arduino A.M. Radio Transmitters for both beaconing and audio signals.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0086 Collectable Reference Card
  • Arduino Nano 
  • Chromatic Theremin Kit
  • AM/FM Receiver Kit
  • AM Transmitter Kit
  • 3.5mm TRRS Audio Cable 
  • Cyber City Circuits Iron-On Patch
  • HackerBox Skull and Circuit Sticker

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