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HackerBox #0081 - Contact

HackerBox #0081 - Contact

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Let's Make Contact. Assemble two experimental kits for exploring multiple communication modes. Communicate continuous-wave (CW) mode Morse code messages over an optical laser link. Configure the Arduino IDE for embedded development on Logic Green LGT8F328P microcontrollers. Modulate text messages directly from a keyboard or serial terminal onto an optical laser communication link. Experiment with data rates and cable lengths for RS-485 serial communication links. Configure Sonoff Mini Smart Switches to explore home automation technologies.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0081 Collectable Reference Card
  • Two Logic Green LGT8F328P MCU Modules
  • Two LET'S MAKE CONTACT Communication Kits
  • Sonoff Mini R2 Wi-Fi Smart Switch 
  • Exclusive Laser Warning Sticker

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