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HackerBox #0075 - AV Club

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Configure tools for programming the ESP32 D1 Mini Microcontroller featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a number of other powerful interface blocks. Integrate the ESP32 D1 Mini with the AV Club Printed Circuit Board as a platform to explore a number of audio/video hacks that exploit structures of the ESP32 SoC. Experiment with a number of peripheral devices including a color display module, a 3.5mm audio/video output jack, an I2S digital audio converter with integrated amplifier, a microSD card module, and two USB sockets that can be configured to support soft USB host ports or keyboard interfaces. Leverage signal conversion hardware to render composite video and audio signals onto modern HDMI media channels.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0075 Collectable Reference Card
  • Exclusive A.V. Club Kit
  • Composite A.V. to HDMI Video Converter
  • Audio Video Cable: 3.5mm to RCA
  • Hacker Sticker Pack (Random Selection of 10)
  • Four Googly Eye Stickers
  • HackerBox 75 "Diamond Anniversary" PVC Patch

Exclusive A.V. Club Kit:

  • A.V. Club Printed Circuit Board
  • ESP32 D1 Mini Microcontroller Module with Wi-Fi
  • Full Color 1.3 inch IPS Display Module
  • MicroSD Card Module
  • Digital Audio Breakout with Amplifier
  • Audio Speaker 20x30x4mm
  • Two PCB Mount USB-A Sockets
  • PCB Mount 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Five 1K Resistors - 1206 SMD Package
  • One 10 uF Ceramic Capacitor - 1206 SMD Package
  • One 10 nF Ceramic Capacitor - 1206 SMD Package
  • 40 Pin Male Header
  • Four Adhesive Silicon PCB Feet

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