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HackerBox #0069 - MEGA Retro

HackerBox #0069 - MEGA Retro

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Explore the Arduino MEGA for projects requiring a lot more storage and a lot more I/O pins.  Configure the MEGA+WiFi board to program both the ATmega2560 and the ESP8266 from the Arduino IDE.  Interoperate between the ATmega2560 and the ESP8266 to extend WiFi functionality to the Arduino MEGA platform.  Learn about the classic Z80 and 6502 8-bit microprocessors and use the original microprocessor chips in both versions of the RetroShield.  Interface the RetroShields to the Arduino MEGA+WiFi to execute original code images including BASIC language ROMs.

Box contents include:

  • HackerBox 0069 Collectable Reference Card
  • Arduino MEGA+WiFi
  • 6502 RetroShield Kit
  • Z80 RetroShield Kit
  • Plastic Parts Storage Box
  • MEGA Prototype Shield with Breadboard
  • Adhesive Mount Cable Organizer
  • Exclusive MOS 6502 PVC Keychain
  • Flaming Hackintosh Sticker
  • Excusive HackerBox Sticker

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