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HackerBox #0068 - SAO Showcase

HackerBox #0068 - SAO Showcase

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Assemble fifteen fabulous SAO kits, an SAO Power Badge, and a pair of six-port SAO Showcase boards.  Work with a variety of LED technologies while honing your soldering skills.  Take on the SMD soldering challenge.  Explore artistic printed circuit board design techniques.  Program the exclusive Wi-Fi SAO using the Arduino IDE to implement an embedded web server and other network-enabled features.  Live the #badgelife.

Box contents include:

  • HackerBox 0068 Collectable Reference Card
  • Two Six Port SAO Showcase Kits
  • SAO Power Badge Kit
  • Exclusive HackerBox Lanyard
  • HackerBox Bit Head SAO Kit
  • Peanut Butter SAO Kit
  • Kuchi Kopi SAO Kit
  • No Cloud SAO Kit
  • Hologram Summer Camp SAO Kit
  • Fat Pika SAO Kit
  • SMD Challenge SAO Kit
  • Laughing Skull SAO Kit
  • Wi-Fi SAO Kit
  • Six Disco Backlight SAO Kits
  • CH340E Serial USB Module
  • ESD-14 Tweezers
  • Clay HackerBox Casino Cheque
  • Hacker Inside PVC Patch
  • Epoxy Dome EFF Sticker
  • Enameled HackerBox Coin 
  • Hacker Stickers

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