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HackerBox #0066 - Radio Star

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Make waves with HackerBox 0066.  Assemble a TEA5767 single chip FM radio receiver featuring an 8051-based microcontroller for digital tuning. Explore three different radio modes and integrated OLED graphics using the LoRa 32 module from Heltec.  Study and experiment with hardware and code to implement Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Long Range wireless radio communications.  Construct a custom 915MHz, quarter-wave, ground-plane antenna.  Hack the Planet.

Box contents include:

  • HackerBox 0066 Collectable Reference Card
  • FM Radio Receiver Kit with Digital Tuner
  • Three Watt Four Ohm Loudspeaker
  • LoRa32 with OLED Display and SMA Dipole Antenna
  • Quarter-Wave Ground-Plane SMA Antenna Kit
  • Pirate Skull "Hack The Planet" Sticker
  • DedSec Hacker Sticker
  • Exclusive Laser-Cut HackerBoxes Phone Stand 

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