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HackerBox #0061 - Props

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Experience the Parallax Propeller 8-Core Microcontroller.  Assemble the exclusive Prop Kit and experiment with parallel programming, game development, the Propeller Spin programming language, keyboard/mouse interfacing, game controllers, basic surface mount soldering, audio/video signal generation, audio/video signal capture, and brush up on the applications of matrix math.

Box contents include:

  • Exclusive HackerBox 0061 Prop Kit
    • Parallax Propeller Eight-Core MCU
    • Custom HackerBox Prop Kit PCB
    • 24LC512 Serial EEPROM 
    • RT232RL Serial USB Interface
    • Two SNES Game Controller Sockets
    • Two Mini DIN Keyboard/Mouse Sockets
    • 3.5mm A/V Output Socket
    • Micro SD Card Module
  • SNES Compatible Game Controller
  • 3.5mm to RCA Audio/Video Cable
  • USB Audio/Video Capture Device
  • Reusable Plastic Parts Box
  • Three-in-One Exclusive Hacker Stickers

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