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HackerBox #0059 - Tessellate

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Explore inductors, construct a clever inductance meter, wind custom inductors, program the USB Digispark to control the excusive Hack-O-Lantern ornament, configure the WEMOS ESP32 Lite for use with the Arduino IDE, integrate a high resolution 3-axis accelerometer, and assemble tessellations of triangular PCB tiles into both flat and 3-dimesional geometries.

Box contents include:

  • Eight Exclusive Triangle Tile PCBs
  • Exclusive Hack-O-Lantern Kit
  • Inductance Meter Kit
  • Fifty-Two WS2812B RGB LEDs
  • WEMOS ESP32 Lite
  • USB Digispark
  • ADXL345 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Ten Meter Spool of Magnet Wire
  • Electrolytic Filter Capacitors 1000uF
  • Exclusive Silver HackerBoxes Koozie 
  • Fan Art HACK Sticker

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