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HackerBox #0057 - Safe Mode

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Bring an entire village of Hardware Hacking, #badgelife, IoT, Wireless, Lockpicking, and more right into your home lab for DEF CON 28 SAFE MODE.  Explore microcontroller programming, IoT Wi-Fi exploits, Bluetooth interfacing, IR hacks, lockpicking tools, audio/video signaling, and more. 

Box contents include:

  • HackerBoxes Safe Mode Indie Badge Kit
    • Exclusive Custom Badge PCB
    • ESP32 with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    • IPS 240x135 Full-Color Display
    • RCA Outputs for Video and Audio
    • Five-Way Tactile Joystick with Cap
    • Two Tactile Buttons with Caps
    • IR Receiver TSOP4838
    • IR Transmission LED
    • SMT Buzzer
    • USB-C Interface with Battery Charger
    • Exclusive HackerBox Lanyard
  • Lockpick Set (11 Pieces)
  • Transparent Practice Lock
  • IR Remote PC Controller
  • USB IR Receiver
  • USB-C Cable
  • HACKERS Sticker
  • Exclusive HackerBox Hologram Sticker
  • Exclusive HackerBox Safe Mode Lapel Pin
  • Exclusive HackerBox Safe Mode Face Mask

 Online resources:

  • Official Online Guide for HackerBox #0057
  • Badge Build Video from DEF CON 28 Hardware Hacking Village