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HackerBox #0056 - Demon Seed

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Exploit USB Hacks!  Explore low-level USB signaling, micronucleus USB bit-banging with ATTiny microcontrollers, bare metal microcontroller experimentation, operation and defense of "Bad USB" cables, DemonSeed USB implants, keystroke injection payloads, RF triggers, high-speed USB passthrough, and more.

Box contents include:

  • O.MG Demon Seed EDU with 2 USB Implants
  • Black MicroUSB Donor Cable 1m
  • White MicroUSB Donor Cable 1m
  • USBasp Programmer with Ribbon Cable
  • USBasp 6-to-10 pin Adapter
  • USB Hub with Four Switchable Ports
  • Digispark USB
  • ATTiny Development Board
  • MicroUSB Breakout Module
  • ATTiny85-20PU DIP-8 Integrated Circuit
  • APA106 Addressable RGB LED 8mm Round
  • Zener Diodes 3.6V
  • Resistors 68 Ohms
  • Resistors 1.5K Ohms
  • Mini Black Solderless Breadboad 170 points
  • Dual Breakaway Male Headers 2x40
  • Male-Male Dupont Jumper Wires
  • Exclusive Demon Seed EDU Sticker
  • Exclusive HackerBoxes WireHead Sticker

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