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HackerBox #0054 - Smart Home

HackerBox #0054 - Smart Home

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Explore home automation through smart switches, sensors, and more. Configure Sonoff WiFi smart switches. Modify smart switches to add programming headers and flash alternate firmwares. Set up Home Assistant, MQTT, and integrate smart home hubs like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Assemble DIY WiFi smart nodes using Wemos ESP8266 modules. Configure WiFi smart nodes as switch control points, sensor points, or both. Explore multiple sensor options for smart home operations. Experiment with pulse oximetry and heart-rate monitoring.

Box contents include:

  • Two Sonoff Basic WiFi Smart Switches
  • Two Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 Modules
  • Two Wemos D1 Mini Relay Shields
  • Two Wemos D1 Mini Prototype Shields
  • Two Mains AC to 5V DC Power Adapters
  • FTDI Serial USB Module
  • MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter Heart Rate Module
  • MH-SR602 PIR Motion Sensor Module
  • Water Sensor Module
  • Two DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensors
  • Two 4.7K Resistors
  • Male-Female DuPont 10cm Jumpers
  • Exclusive Vinyl Webcam Spy Blocker Sheet
  • Exclusive HackerBox HackLife Iron-On Patch

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