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HackerBox #0053 - Chromalux

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Configure the Arduino UNO microcontroller board and IDE tools.  Connect a full-color 3.5 inch LCD Arduino Shield with touchscreen inputs and explore touch paint demo code. Wire up an I2C color sensor to identify the frequency components of reflected light, display colors on addressable LEDs, solder up an Arduino prototyping shield, and explore a variety of input/output components using a multifunction Arduino Experimentation Shield.  Hone your surface mount soldering skills with an LED Chaser PCB.  Take an introductory look into artificial neural network technology and deep learning.

Box contents include:

  • Arduino UNO Mega382P with MicroUSB
  • TFT 480x320 Display Shield 3.5 inch
  • Color Sensor Module GY-33 TCS34725
  • Multifunction Experiment Shield for Arduino UNO
  • OLED 0.96 inch I2C 128x64
  • Five 8mm Round Addressable RGB LEDs
  • Arduino Prototype PCB Shield with Pins
  • LED Chaser Surface Mount Soldering Kit
  • Man in the Middle Hacker Sticker
  • Hacker Manifesto Sticker

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