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HackerBox #0050 - FIFTY

HackerBox #0050 - FIFTY

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Experiment with the ESP-WROOM-32 microcontroller, embedded IoT WiFi, bit bang sound generation, RGB LEDs, full-color TFT LCD displays, touch screen inputs, and embedded Bluetooth communications. Also explore a tiny keyboard solution for any embedded project, I2C interfaces, power budgeting, and cellular automata.

Box contents include:

  • Exclusive HB50 Printed Circuit Board
  • ESP-WROOM-32 Dual Core WiFi Module
  • QVGA Color TFT LCD 2.4inch Display
  • Integrated Display Touchscreen with Stylus
  • Six WS2812B RGB LEDs
  • Six Surface Mount Tacile Buttons
  • Piezo Buzzer 12mm SMD
  • AMS1117 3.3V Linear Regulator SOT223
  • Right Angle 40pin Breakaway Header
  • Two 22uF Tantalum Capacitors 1206 SMD
  • Two 10K Ohm Resistors 0805 SMD
  • CardKB Mini Keyboard
  • Grove to Female DuPont Breakout Cable
  • CP2102 USB Serial Module
  • DuPont Jumpers Female-Female 10cm
  • Hokusai Great Wave PCB Decal
  • Exclusive HackerBox WireHead Decal
  • Exclusive HackerBox 50 Challenge Coin

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