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HackerBox #0049 - Debug

HackerBox #0049 - Debug

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Experiment with debugging digital microcontroller systems, configuring the LOLIN32 ESP-32 WiFi Bluetooth platform within the Arduino IDE, applying the FastLED Animation Library to an 8x8 matrix of addressable RGB LEDs, exploring Serial Monitor code debugging techniques, leveraging a FTDI 2232HL module for JTAG debugging of microcontroller systems, and preparing a DIY Logic Analyzer for use in various hardware debug and test scenarios.

Box contents include:

  • Wemos LOLIN32 ESP-32 Module
  • FTDI 2232HL USB Module
  • CY7C68013A Mini Board
  • 8x8 Matrix of WS2812B RGB LEDs
  • Rainbow Set of Mini Grabber Clips
  • Set of Female-Female Dupont Jumpers
  • Exclusive HackerBox Thinking Cap
  • Going Incognito Sticker
  • Skull SIMM Sticker

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