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HackerBox #0040 - PIC of Destiny

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Experiment with developing embedded systems using PIC Microcontrollers.  Prototype microcontroller circuits on a solderless breadboard.  Explore in-circuit programming techniques.  Test options for powering and clocking embedded systems.  Interface a PIC Microcontroller to an LCD output display module.  Experiment with an integrated GPS receiver.  Wield the PIC of Destiny.

Box contents include:

  • PIC Microcontroller PIC16F628 (DIP 18)
  • PIC Microcontroller PIC12F675 (DIP 8)
  • PICkit 3 In-Circuit Programmer and Debugger
  • ZIF Socket Programming Target for PICkit 3
  • GPS Module with Integrated Antenna
  • 16x2 Alphanumeric LCD Module
  • Breadboard Power Supply with MicroUSB
  • 16.00MHz Crystals (HC-49)
  • Parts Kit: LEDs, Buttons, Caps, etc.
  • 830 Point (Large) Solderless Breadboard
  • Formed Jumper Wire Kit with 140 Pieces
  • Celluloid Guitar Picks
  • Exclusive PIC16C505 Die Decal

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