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HackerBox #0039 - Level Up

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Leverage a salvaged ATX PC power supply to tap standard voltage levels.  Combine a DC-to-DC variable output voltage supply to power all of your projects.  Learn how transistors make up logic gates.  Assemble six different demonstration gates using NPN transistors.  Explore the contents of cellular SIM cards. Accept or issue coin challenges - HackLife Style.

Box contents include:

  • ATX Power Supply Breakout
  • DC-to-DC Power Buck Converter
  • Acrylic Enclosure for Power Converter
  • Three Exclusive Transistor-to-Gate PCBs
  • Component Kit for Transistor-to-Gates
  • Female MicroUSB Terminal Block
  • MicroUSB Cable
  • Three-Way SIM Card Adapter
  • USB SIM Card Reader and Writer
  • Exclusive HackerBox Challenge Coin
  • Decals for Transistor-to-Gates
  • Exclusive HackLife Vinyl Transfer

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