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HackerBox #0037 - WaveRunner

HackerBox #0037 - WaveRunner

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Explore wave signals and audio signal processing testbeds within digital computing environments as well as analog electronic test instruments. Install and configure GNU Octave software. Represent and manipulate wave signals within a computer. Explore audio processing functionality of GNU Octave. Couple audio signals between a computer and external hardware. Assemble an audio testbed featuring amplifiers and level indicators. Construct a 1MHz, multiple-waveform signal generator.

Box contents include:

  • XR2206 Signal Generator Kit
  • Laser-Cut Acrylic Enclosure for Signal Generator
  • Exclusive Audio Testbed PCB
  • Two LM386 Audio Amplifier Kits
  • Two KA2284 Audio Level Indicator Kits
  • USB Sound Card
  • Two 40mm 3W Speakers
  • Set of Alligator Clip Leads
  • Two 3.5mm Audio Cables with Breakout Modules
  • microUSB Breakout Module
  • Exclusive Cloud Computing Decal
  • Exclusive HackLife Beanie Hat

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