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HackerBox #0035 - ElectroChemistry

HackerBox #0035 - ElectroChemistry

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Explore electrochemical sensors and various techniques for measuring physical properties of materials. Configure the Arduino Nano microcontroller for operation with the Arduino IDE. Wire and code an OLED module for displaying sensor measurements. Construct a breathalyzer demonstration using electrochemical alcohol sensors. Perform air quality measurements while comparing different gas sensors. Determine water quality from total dissolved solids (TDS) measurements. Test contactless and water-submersible thermal sensing.

Box contents include:

  • Arduino Nano 5V 16MHz MicroUSB
  • OLED 0.96 128x64 pixel I2C display
  • TDS-3 Water Quality Meter
  • GY-906 Contactless Temperature Module
  • MP503 Air Quality Pollution Sensor
  • DS18B20 Waterproof Temperature Probe
  • MQ-3 Alcohol Sensor Module
  • MQ-135 Air Hazard Gas Sensor Module
  • DHT11 Humidity and Temperature Module
  • KY-008 Laser Module
  • Set of LEDs, 1K Resistors, and Tactile Buttons
  • 400 Point "Crystal Clear" Breadboard
  • Jumper Wire Set - 65 Pieces
  • MircoUSB Cable
  • Exclusive HackerBoxes Decals

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