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HackerBox #0032 - Locksport

HackerBox #0032 - Locksport

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Practice the skills of modern Locksport.  Configure an Arduino UNO as a state machine controller for a physical security alarm system.  Integrate NFC and RFID technology for access control.  Implement infrared motion sensors, laser tripwires, and magnetic proximity switches into the physical security system.  Explore the history of phone phreaking and assemble a modern-day Blue Box device.  Box contents include:

  • HackerBoxes #0032 Collectable Reference Card
  • Arduino UNO R3 with MicroUSB
  • Transparent Practice Padlock
  • Lockpick Set
  • PN532 RFID Module V3 with Two Tags
  • HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor Module
  • Two Laser Modules
  • Photoresistor Light Sensor Module
  • Photoresistor Sensor Components
  • Magnetic Proximity Contact Switch
  • Matrix Keypad with 16 Keys
  • Round 8mm APA106 RGB LED
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • 9V Battery Clip with UNO Barrel Connector
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Female-to-Male Dupont Jumpers
  • TOOOL Decal
  • Exclusive INFOSEC Lapel Pin

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