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HackerBox #0027 - Cypherpunk

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Explore technical and social implications of electronic privacy and cryptography. Secure cameras on personal electronic devices. Contextualize common cryptographic software. Configure and program the STM32 ARM processor "Black Pill" board. Integrate a Keypad and TFT Display with the Black Pill. Replicate functionality of the WWII Enigma Machine. Explore Multi-Factor Authentication and build a U2F Zero USB Token.  Box contents include:

  • HackerBoxes #0027 Collectable Reference Card
  • Black Pill STM32F103C8T6 Module
  • STLink V2 USB Programmer
  • Full-Color 2.4 inch TFT Display - 240x320 Pixels
  • 4x4 Matrix Keypad
  • 830 Point Solderless Breadboard
  • 140 Piece Wire Jumper Kit
  • Two U2F Zero Soldering Challenge Kits
  • Large 9x15 cm Green Prototyping PCB
  • Exclusive Vinyl GawkStop Spy Blockers
  • Exclusive Aluminum Magnetic Swivel Webcam Cover
  • Exclusive EFF Patch
  • Privacy Badger Decal
  • Tor Decal

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