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HackerBox #0019 - Raspberry WiFi

HackerBox #0019 - Raspberry WiFi

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CHANGE NOTICE: Only a small number of HackerBox #0019 are available.  These final units do not have the original 4GB micro SD card with NOOBS.  Instead they have a 16GB micro SD card that can be flashed with any OS Image.

Explore various aspects of the Raspberry Pi Zero W platform.  Practice soldering Surface Mount Technology (SMT) devices and assemble an LED Sequencer PCB.  Box contents include:

  • HackerBoxes #0019 Collectable Reference Card
  • "Raspberry Pi Zero W" Single Board Computer
  • Raspberry Pi Zero Case Set
  • MicroSD Card Programmed with NOOBS Lite
  • SD/MicroSD 8-in-1 Card Carrier Case
  • Pi Cobbler Plus with Ribbon Cable
  • MiniHDMI Adapter
  • MicroUSB Adapter
  • MicroUSB Cable
  • Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin Header
  • SMT Soldering Kit: PCB and 51 Components
  • SMT Tweezers
  • Wooden Swab Set
  • Exclusive Raspberry Pi Lapel Pin
  • Exclusive RetroPie Decal

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