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HackerBox #0016 - Cellular Metal

HackerBox #0016 - Cellular Metal

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Explore cellular mobile communication for embedded IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) systems. Also experience the beauty of working close to the bare metal of a microcontroller.  Box contents include:

  • HackerBoxes #0016 Collectable Reference Card
  • Hologram Global IoT/M2M SIM Card
  • SIM800L 5V GSM Module with Rubber Ducky Antenna
  • RobotDyn Arduino UNO R3 Microcontroller Board
  • CP2102 MicroUSB-Serial Module
  • Solderless Breadboard
  • 65 Piece Jumper Wire Set for Breadboard
  • ATmega328P 28-Pin DIP Microcontroller Chip
  • ATtiny85 8-Pin DIP Microcontroller Chip
  • Various Discrete Components for Breadboard Arduino
  • Various Discrete Components for Microcontroller Course
  • Exclusive Tux "Hack The Planet" Stress Toy
  • Exclusive Apple Hacker Fan Art Decal

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