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BadgeBuddy Solder Kit

BadgeBuddy Solder Kit

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The HackerBox BadgeBuddy is a simple and fun kit for introducing soldering skills.  It features self-cycling rainbow LEDs to provide a cool, colorful effect that remains accessible as a first time soldering project.   

Original BadgeBuddy was released at DEF CON 27 and is still included in HackerBox 0045 - Spark Net and in the HackerBoxes Soldering Workshop.

Safe Mode BadgeBuddy was updated with a protective face mask for DEF CON 28 Safe Mode. 

Video Tutorial.  Our Learn to Solder Video introduces soldering using the BadgeBuddy as an example.  The video was originally streamed from the DEF CON Hardware Hacking Village. 

Assembly Notes. If you don't have time to watch the Learn to Solder Video, check out the "assembly notes" graphic on this page.