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Workshop Bundle

Workshop Bundle

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The three HackerBox Workshops are specifically designed to provide flexible entry into the world of electronics and hardware technology. Select the specific workshop or workshops most suitable for where you are right now. The suggested progression builds towards increasingly advanced electronics projects, such as those found in the monthly HackerBox subscription boxes.  The Workshop Bundle is ideal for anyone wishing to obtain all three HackerBox Workshops.

HackerBox Basics Workshop

The HackerBox Basics Workshop provides an enlightening introduction to electronics suitable for ages 10-110. No soldering required. The electronic components and modules were carefully selected to work along with the included solderless breadboard using jumper wire connections. The HackerBox Basics Workshop is perfect for either self-study or classroom use.

The fifty lessons and hands-on experiments of the HackerBox Basics Workshop represent a journey that we call Electrons to A.I. This journey starts with fundamental electricity, visits semiconductor transistors, digital logic, data storage, sensors, controllers, computer programs and ultimately arrives at embedded computing devices capable of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

HackerBox Soldering Workshop

Learn to solder and build your skills to the next level with the HackerBox Soldering Workshop. The workshop includes soldering tool, accessories, and four diverse soldering projects. Together, the four soldering project kits include over 450 soldering points providing plenty of practice for you to achieve basic proficiency at both through-hole and surface mount soldering.

HackerBox Core Workshop

The HackerBox Core Workshop provides an advanced preparation for electronics work.  Build your electronics toolset with supplies and components primed for many future hardware projects.  The workshop materials support hands-on experimentation with five different microcontroller platforms. These platforms were selected to leverage a range of development tools and various programming languages.
Prototype an Arduino breadboard platform from bare metal.  Assemble the Wi-Fi Nugget soldering project to explore IoT and wireless network security. Experiment with various application areas including graphics, wireless communications, human-machine interface, security, and AI. 

HackerBox Monthly Membership

After exploring these HackerBox workshops, subscribe to the HackerBox Monthly Membership.  Build mastery through constant discovery.  Receiving new tools and projects on autopilot is the most cost effective way to explore ever-evolving topics in electronics, computer technology, and hacker culture.
Trust your technolust.

Hackers feel that computer technology enriches their lives, gives their lives focus, and fills their lives with adventure. Hackers regard computer hardware as a magic lamp that they can control. They believe that everyone in society can benefit from experiencing such power and that if everyone could interact with computers in the way that hackers do, then the hacker ethic might spread through society and technology would improve the world. Hackers seek to turn dreams of endless possibilities into realities. The hacker's primary object is to demonstrate that the world opened up by computers and technology is a limitless one.

- Hacker Ethic (adapted)