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Soldering Workshop

Soldering Workshop

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Learn to solder and build your skills to the next level with the HackerBox Soldering Workshop.  The workshop includes soldering tool, accessories, and four diverse soldering projects.  Together, these four project kits include over 450 soldering points to provide all the practice you need.

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Included Tools and Accessories:

  • Digitally Adjustable 80W Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Iron Stand with Sponge
  • Precision Flush Cutters (WEAR SAFETY GLASSES)
  • Rosin Flux Core Solder 0.8mm
  • Desoldering Wick 2.5mm
  • Precision ESD Tweezers
  • USB 3.3V and 5V Power Supply with Jumper Wires
  • Exclusive Hacker Stickers

Four Soldering Projects:

  • HackerBox Badge Buddy Soldering Kit
  • Sixty Second Countdown Timer Soldering Kit
  • LED Fidget Spinner Soldering Kit
  • SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Soldering Kit

Educational Resources:


Safety glasses must be worn.  Use by minors suggested only with adult supervision.