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Core Workshop

Core Workshop

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The HackerBox Core Workshop provides an advanced preparation for electronics work such as the monthly HackerBox subscription boxes.  The Core Workshop provides materials for hands-on experimentation with five different microcontroller platforms.  These platforms were selected to leverage a range of development tools and various programming languages. 

Assemble the Wi-Fi Nugget soldering project to explore IoT and wireless network security.  Prototype an Arduino breadboard platform from bare metal.  Experiment with various application areas including graphics, wireless communications, human-machine interface, security, and AI.  Expand your electronics toolset with supplies and components primed to support many future hardware projects.

The official Core Workshop Documentation will be published online in early December 2021. 

Workshop Materials Include:

  • Seeeduino XIAO SAMD21 Module
  • Wemos32 ESP32 CH340 Module
  • STM32F411CEU6 Development Module
  • Wi-Fi Nugget Solder Kit (8266 D1 Mini, OLED, PCB)
  • Breadboard Arduino (ATmega328P Chip, Crystal, Capacitors)
  • XL830L Digital Multimeter with Test Leads
  • LCD 2.8 inch Full-Color Display 320x240
  • PN532 NFC RFID Kit with Tags
  • FT232BL USB Serial Adapter
  • USBASP AVR Programmer with Cable and 10-6 Pin Adapter
  • TXS0108E 8-Bit Bi-Directional Level Shifter
  • 830 Point Solderless Breadboard
  • Power Supply Module for Solderless Breadboard
  • Joystick Breakout Module
  • 600 Piece Resistor Kit
  • 100 Piece 5mm LED Kit
  • 140 Piece Preformed Jumper Wire Kit
  • 40 Wire Female-Male DuPont Jumpers
  • 40 Wire Female-Female DuPont Jumpers
  • USB Hub with Individually Switched Ports
  • Five Tactile 4-DIP Momentary Push Buttons
  • Five Addressable RGB 8mm LEDs
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable 1m
  • USB-A to MicroUSB Cable 1m
  • Iron-On HackerBox HackLife Patch
  • Ten Random Hacker Stickers (example variety shown)