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Core Workshop

Core Workshop

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The HackerBox Core Workshop is designed to provide preparation for more advanced electronics projects such as the monthly HackerBox subscription boxes. The workshop features hands-on experiments with five different microcontroller platforms. These platforms were selected to leverage a range of development tools and various programming languages. Configure and program the ESP82666, ATmega328P, ESP32, SAMD21, and ARM STM32. 

Prototype an Arduino on breadboard platform from a bare microcontroller chip. Assemble the Wi-Fi Nugget soldering project to explore IoT and wireless network security. Experiment with various application areas including graphics, wireless communications, human-machine interface, security, and AI. Expand your electronics toolset with supplies and components selected to support many future hardware projects.

Workshop Materials Include:

  • Seeeduino XIAO SAMD21 Module
  • Wemos32 ESP32 CH340 Module
  • STM32F411CEU6 Development Module
  • Wi-Fi Nugget Solder Kit (8266 D1 Mini, OLED, PCB)
  • Breadboard Arduino (ATmega328P Chip, Crystal, Capacitors)
  • XL830L Digital Multimeter with Test Leads
  • LCD 2.8 inch Full-Color Display 320x240
  • PN532 NFC RFID Kit with Tags
  • FT232BL USB Serial Adapter
  • USBASP AVR Programmer with Cable and 10-6 Pin Adapter
  • TXS0108E 8-Bit Bi-Directional Level Shifter
  • 830 Point Solderless Breadboard
  • Power Supply Module for Solderless Breadboard
  • Joystick Breakout Module
  • 600 Piece Resistor Kit
  • 100 Piece 5mm LED Kit
  • 140 Piece Preformed Jumper Wire Kit
  • 40 Wire Female-Male DuPont Jumpers
  • 40 Wire Female-Female DuPont Jumpers
  • USB Hub with Individually Switched Ports
  • Five Tactile 4-DIP Momentary Push Buttons
  • Five Addressable RGB 8mm LEDs
  • USB-A to USB-C Cable 1m
  • USB-A to MicroUSB Cable 1m
  • Iron-On HackerBox HackLife Patch
  • Ten Random Hacker Stickers (example variety shown)

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