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HackerBox #0102 - Flea-Scope

HackerBox #0102 - Flea-Scope

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Configure and explore the Flea-Scope USB oscilloscope based on a PIC32MK microcontroller and leveraging a simple browser interface. Experiment with a P6100 1X/10X oscilloscope probe. Stimulate external circuits using the Flea-Scope's builtin waveform generator. Prototype and experiment with electronic circuits quickly and easily using a solderless breadboard. Understand resistive voltage dividers and extend the concept to frequency selective circuits using inductors and capacitors. Implement and verify high-pass and low-pass filter circuits. Turn the Flea-Scope into an embedded system running StickOS BASIC and dive deeper by implementing a simple Simon game.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0102 Collectable Reference Card
  • Flea-Scope USB Oscilloscope
  • Flea-Scope Header Pins
  • P6100 1X/10X Oscilloscope Probe 
  • 400 Point Solderless Breadboard
  • Preformed Breadboard Jumper Wires
  • Plastic Component Box
  • Green 5mm LEDs
  • Blue 5mm LEDs
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • Tactile Momentary Switches
  • 10K Potentiometer
  • 100nF Ceramic Capacitors
  • 100mH Coil Inductor
  • 1K Resistors
  • Male-Female Dupont Jumper Wires
  • 1m MicroUSB Cable
  • Three Exclusive HackerBox and Flea-Scope Stickers

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