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HackerBox #0097 - Ringer

HackerBox #0097 - Ringer

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Explore the world of addressable RGB LEDs including a fascinating semiconductor factory tour. Wire chains of RGB LEDs into segments and wire multiple LED segments into super-segments. Leverage a highly integrated LED controller based on a dedicated ARM processor Bluetooth chip. Operate the LED controller using tactile buttons, an included radio frequency remote control, and a Bluetooth mobile app. Configure a dual-core ESP32 Development Board to be programmed in the Arduino IDE. Use the FastLED library to control RGB LEDs from ESP32 Arduino code. Add an amplified microphone module to turn the LED and ESP32 setup into a sound-responsive VU meter. Configure the ESP32 as a powerful WLED Project webserver to control LEDs through any web browser interface over Wi-Fi.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0097 Collectable Reference Card
  • Ten Addressable RGB LED Ring Boards with 256 Total Pixels
  • ESP32 Wi-Fi Development Board with CP2102 USB Chip
  • Smart RGB LED Controller with Bluetooth Interface
  • MAX4466 Amplified Microphone Module
  • 28 Button Remote Control
  • USB-A 3.0 Extension Cable with Braided Nylon Jacket
  • Three Pin JST-SM Paired Pigtail Set
  • Female-Female Dupont Jumper Wires
  • Exclusive Dark Side of the LED Sticker
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