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HackerBox #0093 - Badgelife

HackerBox #0093 - Badgelife

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Explore the artistic, interactive, and hackable world of badgelife. Assemble the wearable ESP8266-based IOT Wi-Fi Hacking Badge. Build an IOT G8R platform to serve as "mission control" for the IOT Badge. Leverage versatile alligator-clip interconnects from the IOT G8R to program and experiment with the IOT Badge. Dive into badge add-ons and build four different SAOs. Also assemble an SAO Totem to display your favorite SAOs. Flip out with some upside-down, reverse-mount LEDs. Discover why the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is considered, by many, to be the most important algorithm of all time.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0093 Collectable Reference Card
  • IOT Wi-Fi Hacking Badge (designed by rot13labs)
  • IOT G8R "Mission Control" for Wi-Fi Hacking
  • HackerBoxes BitHead SAO
  • Trippie the Space Sloth SAO
  • Guy Fawkes SAO
  • Artemis Mission SAO
  • HackerBoxes SAO Totem
  • Ten Alligator Clip Jumper Leads
  • Exclusive HackerBox Lanyard
  • Exclusive (HACK) Sticker
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