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HackerBox #0091 - Fibonacci

HackerBox #0091 - Fibonacci

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New subscribers BEFORE JUNE 1 will receive HackerBox 0091 as their first box (while supplies last). Subscribe Now! As a subscription member, you will enjoy a $15 discount on this box and on every future monthly box of your subscription. Best of all, you will never miss out on the new discoveries that come with each and every monthly HackerBox.

Please note that subscribing before June 1 and also purchasing this box individually means that you want two of them. Yes, this is obvious - we're just trying to help.

HackerBox 0091: Explore the beautiful mathematics of Fibonacci numbers, spirals, and sunflowers. Configure the Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040 microcontroller module for use with CircuitPython. Experiment with CircuitPython programming to implement NeoPixel animations and touch pad controls on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller. Assemble the RGB LED Fibonacci Spiral Kit using 64 through-hole NeoPixel RGB LEDs. Practice a step-wise approach to PCB assembly using through-hole soldering. Consider modification of the Spiral LED module into a wearable badge. Assemble the Cyber Voice Recorder kit from Cyber City Circuits. Get inspired to (re)watch Darren Aronofsky's 1998 film Pi.

HackerBox 0091 Monthly Subscription Box Contents:

  • HackerBox 0091 Collectable Reference Card
  • Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040
  • Exclusive Fibonacci Spiral LED Kit:
    • HackerBox Fibonacci Spiral PCB
    • 64 Round 5mm WS2812B RGB LEDs
    • Five-Pin Male Header
  • Cyber Voice Recorder Kit from Cyber City Circuits:
    • Cyber Voice Recorder PCB
    • ISD 1820PY DIP14 Recorder Chip
    • DIP14 IC Socket
    • Electret Condenser Microphone
    • 100k Ohm Resistor
    • Two 1k Ohm Resistor
    • Two 4.7k Ohm Resistor
    • Five 0.01uF Ceramic Capacitor
    • 220uF Electrolytic Capacitor
    • 47uF Electrolytic Capacitor
    • Blue LED
    • PCB Mount 30mm Speaker
    • Two Tactile Momentary Buttons
    • CR2032 PCB Coin Cell Holder
    • CR2032 Coin Cell
  • Female-Female Dupont Jumper Wires
  • I VOID WARRANTIES Iron-On Patch (designed by Jilles Groenendijk)
  • I VOID WARRANTIES Sticker  (designed by Jilles Groenendijk)

Fibonacci Spiral Badge Bundle

This cool badge is an optional, additional project for using the monthly subscription box.  The box guide has information about obtaining and assembling the components for the optional badge project. As an additional project, the badge is obviously not part of the subscription box itself.  A limited number of these bundles are coming early next month and we expect to be able to ship them starting around June 5. The bundles will include:

  • HackerBox 0091 Monthly Subscription Box 
  • Additional Badge Components:
    • Exclusive Badge PCB for mounting Fibonacci Spiral PCB
    • Three-Slot AA Battery Holder with Velcro Strap
    • 5V DC/DC Boost Converter Module
    • DPDT Battery Isolation Switch
    • Two 1M Resistors (for touch pad activation)
    • Four Female 5 pin Headers
    • Additional Male Header Pins
  • Lanyard not included (used for demonstration only)

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