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HackerBox #0087 - picow

HackerBox #0087 - picow

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HackerBox 0087 is presented in cooperation with Digi-Key Electronics. Configure programming environments for the Raspberry Pi Pico W microcontroller module. Assemble the HackerBox Exclusive Pico Weather Kit. Set up a display driver library for use with the kit's 2.8 inch, 320x240 pixel, full-color LCD module. Leverage the kit's BME280 sensor to measure relative humidity, barometric pressure, and ambient temperature. Display the measurements along with weather-related XBM graphic icons. Using the new wireless features of the Pico W, connect over Wi-Fi to OpenWeather servers to obtain localized weather data via JSON objects. Understand options for additional weather sensors. Assemble the exclusive HDMI Breakout Kit. Wire the HDMI Breakout Kit to the Raspberry Pi Pico W and generate digital video output signals using the Pico's amazing PIO (Programable I/O) functionality.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0087 Collectable Reference Card
  • Raspberry Pi Pico W
  • LCD TFT 2.8 inch ILI9341 Display with 320x240 pixels
  • BME280 Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Module
  • Exclusive HackerBox Pico Weather PCB
  • Exclusive HackerBox HDMI Breakout PCB
  • HDMI Right-Angle Through-Hole Socket
  • Braided 1 meter MicroUSB Cable
  • Two 40 Pin 0.1 inch Male Headers
  • Two 20 Pin 0.1 inch "Short" Female Headers
  • Eight 270R SMD-1206 Resistors
  • Two 1K SMD-1206 Resistors
  • Three Tactile Momentary Buttons
  • Bundle of 65 Jumper Wires
  • Solderless Breadboard 400 Point
  • Digi-Key SolderFul Breadboard 420 Point
  • Digi-Key Triple Sticker Sheet

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