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HackerBox #0085 - Kronos

HackerBox #0085 - Kronos

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Discover the S3 variant of the ESP32 system-on-chip.  Configure the Arduino IDE for use with the T-Display-S3 module. Integrate the ESP32-S3 with a 98357A Class-D audio amplifier, a resonant cavity speaker, two arcade-style buttons, and sixteen RGB LEDs. Assemble a five panel PCB enclosure into a hackable clock appliance. Explore the Network Time Protocol (ntp) for time synchronization.

Box Contents Include:

  • HackerBox 0085 Collectable Reference Card
  • Five Panel PCB Enclosure
  • T-Display ESP32-S3 Module
  • Rectangular Cavity Speaker
  • I2S Class D Audio Amplifier Module
  • Two RGB 8-LED Circle Modules
  • Two Yellow Arcade Buttons
  • War Games WOPR Sticker

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