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HackerBox #0028 - JamBox

HackerBox #0028 - JamBox

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Assemble and program the JamBox Audio IOT Platform. Configure the ESP32 System-on-Chip for programming via the Arduino IDE.  Establish I/O for buttons, knobs, and an 8x32 LED matrix. Construct user interfaces from basic I/O hardware. Communicate sampled audio streams over I2S. Stream audio samples into digital to analog converters. Box contents include:

  • HackerBoxes #0028 Collectable Reference Card
  • Exclusive JamBox Printed Circuit Board
  • ESP32 DevKitC
  • CJMCU PCM5102 I2S Digital-to-Analog Module
  • Four MAX7219 8x8 LED Matrix Modules
  • Five 10K Ohm RV09 Potentiometers
  • Five Potentiometer Knobs
  • Eight Tactile Momentary Buttons
  • Four Adhesive Rubber Feet
  • 3.5mm Audio Patch Cable
  • MicroUSB Cable
  • Stereo Earbuds with Case
  • Exclusive HackerBoxes Skull Decal
  • Octocat Fan Art Decals

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