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HackerBox #0024 - Vision Quest

HackerBox #0024 - Vision Quest

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Experiment with Computer Vision.  Set up the OpenCV real-time vision platform.  Configure and program the Arduino Nano microcontroller from the Arduino IDE. Control Servo Motors over USB using the Arduino Nano microcontroller.  Assemble a mechanical Pan and Tilt mechanism.  Control Pan and Tilt motion from the microcontroller. Integrate Face Tracking functionality using OpenCV.  Box contents include:

  • HackerBoxes #0024 Collectable Reference Card
  • Three Bracket Pan and Tilt Assembly
  • Two MG996R Servos with Accessories
  • Two Aluminum Circular Servo Couplers
  • Arduino Nano V3 - 5V, 16MHz, MicroUSB
  • Digital Camera Assembly with USB Cable
  • Three Lenses with Universal Clip Mount
  • Medical Inspection Pen Light
  • Dupont Male/Female Jumpers
  • MicroUSB Cable
  • Exclusive OpenCV Decal
  • Exclusive Dia de Muertos Decal
  • (NOTE: the last remaining handful of Box 0024 have different decals)

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