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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General Support

How can I contact HackerBoxes?

What is the HackerBox Monthly Subscription?

What does it mean that HackerBoxes is a surprise discovery box?

What will be inside my HackerBox?

Why are HackerBoxes discounted for subscribers?

Why do past boxes sell out?

Can a past box be selected for a subscription?

What are HackerBox Workshops?

What is the HackerBox Mission, Ethos, and Code of Conduct?

Who makes HackerBoxes?

Technical Support

How do I get technical support for items in my HackerBoxes?

What ages are HackerBoxes for?

What tools do I need?

Can a HackerBox be returned?

What if I mess up a project or don’t like a box?


What is the billing cycle for HackerBoxes subscriptions?

When is my first billing and my first renewal?

How do I change automatic renewals of my subscription?

If I cancel or pause my subscription, will I still get the next box?


When do HackerBox subscription boxes ship?

When will a new subscription start shipping?

How will my HackerBox be shipped?

Which box number will a new subscription start with?

When do one-time (non-subscription) items ship?

Can I subscribe to HackerBoxes from outside the United States?