FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

General Support

How can I contact HackerBoxes?

What is the mission of HackerBoxes?

What is the HackerBox Monthly Subscription?

What does it mean that HackerBoxes is a surprise discovery box?

What will be inside my HackerBox?

What are HackerBox Workshops?

Are past HackerBoxes still available?

Can a past box be selected for a subscription?

Why are HackerBoxes priced so much lower for subscribers?

Who is HackerBoxes?

Technical Support

How do I get technical support for items in my HackerBoxes?

What ages are HackerBoxes for?

What tools do I need?

Can a HackerBox be returned?

What if I mess something up or just cannot get it to work?


What is the billing cycle for HackerBoxes subscriptions?

When is my first billing and my first renewal?

Why does it seem like my box numbers skipped between my first and second shipment?

How do I change automatic renewals of my subscription?

Is it safe use my credit card?

If I cancel or pause my subscription, will I still get the next box?


When do HackerBox subscription boxes ship?

When will a new subscription start shipping?

How will my HackerBox be shipped?

Which box number will a new subscription start with?

When do one-time (non-subscription) items ship?

Can I subscribe to HackerBoxes from outside the United States?